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Cold Plunge Pools/Tubs

Elevate your Hotel, Resorts, Fitness Facility or home wellness experience with a custom cold tub system.

Custom Cold Tub Systems

Whether you're looking for a 100% custom cold plunge pool for a resort, a custom designed cold tub for your home, or a few adjustments to an existing model, Canuck Cold can bring your cold therapy vision to life! Although we usually operate in Canada & USA, we'll travel almost anywhere in the world to create your custom cold tub system. We offer both in-ground & above-ground systems.


Hotels, Resorts, & Athletic Facilities: With many professional athletes, world travelers, and high-performers integrating cold water immersion sessions into their routine, brands that are able to deliver a high-class cold therapy experience present unique value & differentiation.

Cold Plunge Pool Benefits

Cold therapy systems, custom-tailored to your specific desires.

high quality materials for cold plunges
High Quality

By using high quality materials, like 100% cedar sheathing & top-notch electrical components, Canuck Ice Baths are among the highest quality ice baths available.

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Easy to Use & Maintain

Our chiller systems automated temperature control, so you can chill 24/7 without needing 50+lbs of ice & a trip to the store every time you plunge.

ideal cold plunge temperature icon

Ideal Tempurature

With consistent minimum temperatures of 0° - 3° C (32° - 37°), You can maximize results without undue risk.

indoor and outdoor cold plunges

Indoor & Outdoor

With weatherproof equipment & treated cedar wood, Canuck Cold ice baths are ready for any elements.

high quality cold plunges

Aesthetic Design

Attention to design & detail make Canuck Cold's handmade Ice baths are a beautiful addition to any location.

boost athletic recovery and other health benefits with cold plunges

Boost Recovery, Mood & More!

Studies continue to emerge, showing the shocking benefits of cold water therapy. Huge boosts in dopamine, muscle recovery, mood, immune health, & more!

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