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Elevate your health & fitness routine with

Premium Cold Plunges

that fit your busy lifestyle

Canuck Cold Plunge With Lid

Cold Tubs for Home

Canuck Cold's personal/home cold plunge tubs are crafted with utmost precision and premium materials, catering to health enthusiasts and dedicated athletes. With 24/7 temperature control and the elimination of traditional bagged ice, our cold therapy machines seamlessly fit into your hectic schedule. Enhance your overall well-being, performance, metabolism, weight management, and mood by incorporating our top-notch cold tub machines in your backyard, home gym, garage, or patio & experience the remarkable benefits.

Home & Commercial Cold Tub_Ice Bath Syst
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Custom Cold Tubs

Are you in need of a custom-designed and installed cold plunge pool / tub for your hotel, resort, gym, condo, retreat, or home? Canuck Cold Co. specializes in creating top-notch cold therapy machines tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you require a larger tub to accommodate more people, a design that perfectly fits your space, or a unique and innovative solution, our experts have the skills to deliver. We are ready to travel anywhere in the world to bring you the best ice bath tub experience. Discover the incredible benefits of our cold plunge tubs / ice baths today.

The Best Cold Therapy Machines

Canuck Cold Plunge and Chiller Transparent

Canuck's cedar cold plunge tubs are unmatched in aesthetics, high-quality materials, & convenience (ease of use). Stained cedar provides a weather seal for indoor or outdoor use, 24/7/365! Functional as an ice bath tub, or cold tub (with a water chilling/sanitization system).

Starting at $4400 CAD

Canuck Cold Therapy Barrel Tub/Ice Bath & Chiller System

Canuck's barrel cold tubs are a more aesthetics alternative to inflatable, plastic, or metal
single occupancy tubs. Stained with weather seal for indoor or outdoor use. Functional with or without a chiller system.​​

Starting at $2500 CAD

personal home steel Cold Tub/Ice Bath

Canuck's metal ice bath is coated in a protective layer (black or white) to offer an affordable cold water therapy solution with superior aesthetics to inflatable tubs or regular steel ice baths. Functional with or without a water chiller/sanitization system

Starting at $1250 CAD

Premium Custom Cold Tub System for hotels, resorts, residential or fitness facilities

Custom-designed & installed cold therapy pools/tubs to suit your hotel/resort/retreat, fitness facility, condo building, or home. Whether you’re looking for an extra large tub, a design that better suits your space or something completely outside of the box, Canuck Cold Co. has the expertise to create a high-functioning cold water immersion/therapy solution to suit your specific needs. 

Starting at $8500 CAD

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