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See answers to some of the most frequently asked cold plunge questions

How often should I drain my cold plunge tub?

Even though our water filtering & treatment systems should only require the water to be changed if there is unexpected contamination, we still recommend changing the water every 3 months / 50 uses.

Does my cold plunge require setup?

If you purchased a cold tub without a chiller, you're tub requires no setup! Just find a level & sturdy spot (not on sand or shiftable material) and enjoy!

If you purchased a Canuck cold tub with a chilling system, there only 2 or 3 (if using an external chiller) simple steps:

1) Fill the tub
2) Connect the external chiller (N/A for units with internal chiller) to the tub (we'll send a video).
3) Plug in the chiller (through provided GFCI plug), priming the pump, and let the water cool to your desired temperature.

How do I set my cold plunge's temperature?

If you purchased a Canuck Cold Tub chilling system, you will also receive a digital thermometer & instructions on how to set your ideal temperature (it's pretty easy).

What is your shipping policy?

We currently ship across Canada & the USA (lower 48 states). Shipping rates (including free shipping) include all border and tariff fees.

All cold plunges, besides custom plunges built on-location, are delivered to your curbside (driveway/storefront), unless specifically requesting another location (for which additional fees may apply).

Pay attention to any "Ships in" timeframe in product descriptions. All cold plunges are made-to-order and this is the amount of time to prepare your order, before shipping. Whereas "shipping time" is the estimated time in transit from our facility to your location, which is separate.

What is your warranty?

Canuck's 12-month warranty covers any manufacturing defects for a full 12 months.

In the unlikely event you experience a defect in your unit, we'll cover the costs to fix it.

Do I need to unplug my Canuck Cold Tub when I use it?

No, you can keep it plugged in! The GFCI protection ensures that you won't experience stray electrical currents - even if you spill a little water. GFCI is the same protection that modern homes use in kitchens and bathrooms to prevent electrical injury in places that might get wet.

Our units sold without a chilling system also include a grounding clamp, which we highly recommend connecting to a reliable grounding source, even though that system would not include electricity (extra safety)

How long (how much time) should I use my cold plunge, each session?

You don't need a very long time for optimal health benefits - even 2 minutes of cold exposure achieves optimal benefits.

You should exit the cold tub when/if you start to shiver - this is your body's first response to protect against hypothermia, so at this point you should exit the tub.

We highly recommend keeping your cold exposure sessions under 10 minutes, until/unless you are well versed.

Remember, longer sessions doesn't necessarily mean better results. In fact, it can achieve the opposite. Heed your body's natural responses.

How big are Canuck cold tubs

Each tub varies in size, so it's important to view the specs of each tub in the product description.

We offer custom designs by our in house engineering team for an additional charge.

How much should I practice ice bathing/cold exposure?

It depends on several factors, like your age, health considerations, & cold exposure experience, but generally speaking, 12 minutes per week is a good target.

How cold are Canuck ice bath chillers?

Canuck cold tub chillers/chilling systems can maintain your preferred temperature from as low as 37°F | 3°C to upwards of 55° | 12°C, depending on the temperature of the surrounding environment.

What type of maintenance is needed with my cold plunge?

Canuck cold tub maintenance & cleaning is simple. Once you purchase your cold tub we will send you a comprehensive checklist & video tutorials, but here are the basics:

1) Rinse off before each use. The cleaner you are, the less bacteria that will have to be removed from your tub. Also, keep in mind that circulating water is more easily kept 'clean', so you might want to consider a Canuck chilling system (if not included with your model), which circulates the water.

2) After each cold bath, wipe/clean your inlet strainer with your hand (or cheese cloth) to remove any large debris.

3) If you're using a chiller system, check your filter every month or so, and make sure to replace it when it's clogged (similar to a home air filter).

4) Although not necessary if you keep up with maintenance and there are no signs of bacteria in your water, we recommend draining & refilling your cold tub every 50 or so uses. Don't worry, we've included fittings that effortlessly connect to a regular garden hose or 3/4" tubing, so this process is pretty easy.

Unlike cold tubs that use dangerous ozone generators (many ozone generators are not legal or safe for use), our tubs use a simple & long-used method of chlorine to kill bacteria and keep your water crystal clear - it's very easy.

Can I use my cold tub outdoors?

Yes, our cold tubs are made for indoor and/or outdoor environments (unless otherwise stated), from the blazing heat to the frozen north.

Our cedar tubs are protected with high-quality stain & sealant to protect against harsh weather, but we recommend placing your tub in a covered space to maximize it's lifetime.

Chiller systems must be turned off and drained when ambient temperatures reach freezing, but at this temperature your water will freeze without the chilling system.

How long does the cold plunge take to cool?

Cold plunge cooling time will vary depending on the starting temperature of your water.

If you want it to speed up this process, you can accelerate this time with with 1-200 lbs of ice. Otherwise, it will take approximately 12-24 hours to chill to your desired temperature.

What are your Chiller, Filter & Pump specs?

- 3/4HP (High Efficiency)
- 7,500 BTU/hr
- 110 – 120 Volts / 450 Watts / 3.9 Amps
- 14”W x 20”D x 12”H (Without Cover)
-52 Pounds (Without Cover)
-Built in Pump
-10′ power cord with GFCI protection
- Filter stand, filter canister and 50 micron filter.
- Rain Proof* (*disconnect chiller and drain completely when ambient temps are freezing or below to prevent damage to chiller)
- 1 Year Product Warranty

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