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at home cold plunge

At Home Cold Plunges

Level-up your health & fitness routine with a home ice bath system.

Home Cold Plunge Systems

Canuck Cold’s personal, outdoor or indoor cold plunges are made with only the highest quality materials and attention to detail, for progressive health enthusiasts and serious athletes. By maintaining ideal temperatures 24/7 and eliminating bagged ice, your cold therapy routine can conveniently work around your busy schedule. Improve health, performance, metabolism/weight , mood & overall well-being with your very own home ice bath.

Canuck Cold Plunge and Chiller Transparent

Canuck's cedar cold plunge is unmatched in aesthetics, high-quality materials, & convenience (ease of use), making them the perfect solution for cold water immersion therapy at home. Stained cedar provides a weather seal for indoor or outdoor use, 24/7/365! Functional with or without our chiller & sanitization system.

Starting at $4400 CAD

Canuck Cold Water Immersion Therapy Barrel Tub & Chiller System

Canuck's barrel cold tubs are a more aesthetical alternative to inflatable, plastic, or metal
single-occupancy tubs. Stained with weather seal for indoor or outdoor use. Functional with or without a chiller system.​​


Starting at $2500 CAD

metal home personal Ice Bath Cold Tub

Canuck's metal cold plunges are the perfect home cold water immersion tool for those on a bit of a budget. The coated protective layer (black or white), offers superior aesthetics and weather resistances compared to stock tank ice baths, resulting in a longer product lifetime, both indoors or outdoors.

Starting at $1390 CAD

custom cold tub ice bath for hotels, resorts, and fitness facilities

Invest in a high-end, custom-designed cold plunge for your home. Whether you’re looking for an extra large plunge, a unique design, specific materials, or more, Canuck Cold Plunges has the expertise to create a high-functioning cold plunge solution for your home's backyard, bathroom, or patio.

Starting at $8500 CAD

Home Cold Plunge Benefits

Level-up your at-home cold plunge system to
ensure your cold therapy routine fits into your busy schedule.

icon for high quality cold tubs and ice baths
High Quality

By using high quality materials, like 100% cedar sheathing & top-notch electrical components, Canuck cold plunges are among the highest quality available.

icon for convenient cold tubs and ice baths
Easy to Use & Maintain

Our chiller systems automated temperature control, so you can chill 24/7 without needing 50+lbs of ice & a trip to the store every time you plunge.

icon for tempurature controlled cold tubs and ice baths
Ideal Tempurature

With consistent minimum temperatures of 0° - 3° C (32° - 37°), You can maximize results without undue risk.

indoor/outdoor ice baths
Indoor & Outdoor

With weatherproof equipment & treated cedar wood, Canuck's home cold plunges are ready for any elements.

icon for aesthetic cold tubs and ice baths
Aesthetic Design

Attention to design & detail make Canuck Cold's handmade Ice baths are a beautiful addition to any location.

icon for athletic recovery cold tubs and ice baths
Boost Recovery, Mood & More!

Studies continue to emerge, showing the shocking benefits of cold water therapy. Huge boosts in dopamine, muscle recovery, mood, immune health, & more!

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Get a Home Cold Plunge

Invest in your health & fitness routine.

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