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Choosing the Right Cold Plunge for Wellness or Hospitality Facilities

As a forward-thinking business owner/manager in the wellness or hospitality industry, finding unique solutions that elevate your experience and captivate your clientele is crucial. Especially those solutions with a strong ROI! From gyms and spas to residential complexes, progressive thinkers are realizing how transformative the addition of cold water immersion solutions can be

in distinguishing their facilities & generating extra income. However, choosing a cold plunge tub/system that work best for your commercial settings can be tricky. This article is aimed at help you weed through the considerations to choose a solution that is best for your needs and gets you the most value per dollar.

Strategic Advantages of Cold Plunge Tubs in Commercial Settings

Cold plunge systems are becoming a key differentiator in the wellness and hospitality industries, attracting a wide demographic of new and routine cold water immersion enthusiasts, from athletes needing quick recovery to biohackers, to those recovering from injury. Here’s how cold plunges specifically benefit various commercial settings:

Cold Plunges for Gyms and Athletic Facilities:

metal cold plunge for gym

Incorporating a cold plunge tub provides members with effective recovery tools that have become a foundational part of their routine. The growing popularity of cold water immersion for its rapid recovery and anti-inflammatory benefits makes it a sought-after feature among fitness enthusiasts. Failing to adapt to this wellness trend could mean losing customers to more forward-thinking facilities. On the other hand, adapting to the shift in consumer demands is helping fitness brands grow & differentiate their brands.

Cold Plunges for Spas and Wellness Centers:

Offering cold plunge therapy can significantly elevate the therapeutic experience, providing a modern twist to traditional spa treatments. Spas that incorporate cold plunges enhance their appeal and cater to a broader demographic seeking holistic health practices, encouraging repeat visits and increasing customer satisfaction. Not to mention presenting a highly sharable (social media) activity.

Cold Plunges for Condos and Hospitality:

Installing a cold plunge tub in condo complexes or hospitality settings adds a luxurious element that can significantly enhance the attractiveness of the property. It serves as a compelling and differentiating amenity that can justify premium pricing and attract a high-end clientele looking for exclusive wellness features.

Cold Plunges for BNBs and Vacation Rentals:

Including a cold plunge tub can significantly raise the profile of BNBs and vacation rentals, offering a unique selling point that distinguishes your rentals in a competitive market. Guests often look for unique amenities that enhance their experience, and a cold plunge tub can provide that luxury wellness feature.

Cold Plunges for Athletic Organizations and Sports Teams:

Cold plunges are invaluable for sports teams and athletic facilities focused on optimal performance and fast recovery. They provide athletes with an immediate way to reduce muscle soreness post-training or competition, thus enhancing overall team performance and athlete care.

Cold Plunges for for Hotels and Resorts:

Adding cold plunge tubs in hotels and resorts offers guests an exclusive wellness amenity that enhances their stay and positions your property as a top-tier destination for health-conscious travelers.

Cold Plunges for Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Clinics:

Cold plunge tubs can be a critical component in treatment plans for injury recovery and pain management. They help reduce inflammation and pain levels, which can significantly speed up a patient's recovery process and improve the quality of clinical care. Not to mention keeping your practice on the cutting edge of innovative therapies.

Each of these settings benefits from the unique appeal, benefits and functional advantages of cold plunge tubs, making them a wise investment in today's health-focused lifestyle trend.

Main Considerations when Purchasing Commercial Cold Plunges.

When considering the addition of a cold plunge tub to your business, it's essential to factor in operational efficiency and maintenance requirements to ensure the investment aligns with your facility’s capabilities and client needs to maximize ROI. Important aspects to consider include:

Durability and Quality

Commercial settings demand durable materials and construction that can withstand frequent use in a commercial setting. Most commercial settings should avoid inflatable cold plunge tubs, which are more susceptible to damage and wear.

Ease of Maintenance

When choosing the right cold plunge for Wellness or Hospitality Facilities its important to choose a tub(s) that are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Models with built-in drainage & filtration systems can reduce downtime and maintenance costs and time.


With moderate to heavy usage in commercial settings, it's important to consider the price:benefit ratio (value) of your cold plunge choice. For example, a gym could purchase a durable & functional cold plunge for anywhere from $1,500 - $20,000+. While it's true that the $20,000 plunge may be more aesthetic, spending 10x more would result in 10x lower ROI. As such, unless aesthetics are extremely important to such a facility, most gyms would be better off purchasing a plunge in the $1500 - $5000 range. On the other hand, a spa, where aesthetics are a larger part of the solution, getting a well-priced premium cold plunge might be more ideal.

Origin / Liability

Many of the current cold plunge options are manufactured in China and do not meet the required standards for usage in USA or Canada. This means that if someone gets injured in a faulty tub, there is a high likelihood that you will be liable! This is another reason to trust North American cold plunge manufacturers, rather than resellers.

Energy Efficiency

Evaluate the energy efficiency of cold plunge models. Tubs with efficient chilling systems use less energy, reducing operational costs over time.

Cold Plunge for BNBs and Vacation Rentals

Financial Considerations and ROI

Investing in a cold plunge tub can be a significant upfront cost, but the return on investment can also be substantial. Especially with newer, more economic models, like these metal cold plunges for commercial settings. Here are some of the reasons cold plunges are a great investment for certain businesses:

  • Attract new customers/clients: With a tsunami of people picking up this new trend, companies that offer this relatively exclusive feature attract enthusiasts.

  • Direct Revenue Generation: Many businesses can easily charge a premium for access to their cold plunge tub, whether that's through higher rental costs, memberships, ice sales, or other means.

  • Enhanced Membership Packages: Including cold plunge access in premium membership packages can increase the perceived value of joining your facility.

  • Affiliate Commissions: Commissions on affiliate sales of cold plunges to clients/customers often pays for the system on their own! For example, Canuck Cold offers $200 in commission for every affiliate referral, as of today.

Choosing the Right Cold Plunge for Your Wellness or Hospitality Facilities

If you’re looking for the best value cold tub (balance of price, durability, aesthetic, and maintenance), this Metal Cold Plunge is unmatched in price:benefits! These are a great cold water immersion solution for commercial gyms, BNBs, clinics, athletic organizations and any other setting where the plunge will get a lot of usage, need to look good, but when cost is also important.

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, this Cedar Cold Plunge System is probably a better option for you. Their hand crafted, real cedar exterior provides a superior aesthetic than other cold plunge options, while still meeting the demands of a high-traffic commercial setting. Although these models are more expensive than the metal plunges, they still come in at a much better price than similar models, which are often $15,000 - $20,000 (CAD).

Finally, custom cold plunges are available for those businesses that require something more specific, whether that’s a specific shape, size, or material. Although they come with the highest price tag, they’re built specifically to your needs!

To learn more about how a cold plunge tub can transform your business, visit our website. We're here to assist you from the selection process through installation and beyond, ensuring you get the best from your investment.


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